Friday, January 14, 2011

Five minute Friday: Photo Prompt

There’s a picture on my camera I want to tell you about. I’m going to write about it for five minutes.




 This picture kinda makes me sad. To think she is not a baby anymore and she is almost 5 years old. I cannot believe how fast time flies. She is such a sweet, strong-headed girl. Always caring and worrying about others. I remember when she was about 9 months old she started trying to kiss all of her friends and hug them. She has always been such a love bug. Such a strong spirit in that little body.

 I asked her the other day what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her answer was "To be a princess and a mommy and live in castle". Such innocence. For a while now she has been talking about her and her baby sister when they grow up. She wants her baby sister to live with her forever. I love the bond they have. I missed that growing up being an only child. So I cherish those sweet moments they share together. I love being able to capture these moments with my camera to remember them always.


That was it. My picture in 5 minutes. Your turn. Can you write for 5 minutes straight? \Try it! Then link up to the sparkling Gypsy Mama!


  1. Oh Casey - I could just climb into that emotion that you captured - the awe of watching our little ones grow up and into themselves. The beauty of who they are and the excitement of who they are becoming. Priceless.

    And with my first daughter on the way, I have to say I am really looking forward to exploring the world of princesses and castles myself :)

    Thank you for playing along today!

  2. Aw, so lovely and bittersweet... watching our children grow is such a joy but there are those sad realizations too. Losing that "baby-ness"... *sigh* Kids aren't the only ones who experience growing pains.

  3. Aw, precious! I have so many moments throughout the day that I am so, so thankful for my camera. My memory is just not as strong as I would like, and the camera helps to hold those memories we might otherwise lose.

    Love your love for your little girl!

  4. Beautiful picture! Ahh - those fleeting moments of childhood ... bitter sweet, isn't it? I just sat down last night and asked my 8 year old some big questions and loved his answers. Great exercise and great memories to have.

  5. Your baby looks like a doll! She's so beautiful. :) I too have childhood memories with a sister that I clutch tight in my heart. No matter what else has come since then, I still believe we are those two giggling little girls, deep down in our hearts.

  6. Awwww precious! And your little is so adorable - love her sparkly eyes! Thank you for sharing!

  7. i love that picture. your girls are so beautiful and i love the sweet bond between them, too :) you are blessed, mama.

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments! I still have lots to learn on taking and editing pictures. I just love taking pictures and writing about my girls. I hope everyone doesn't get tired of seeing them lol.