Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Back....Finally

Ellie and I recently drove to TN for a week. It took about 10 1/2 hrs to drive there and 11 hrs to drive back. The day before we supposed to drive back my fuel pump went out so that delayed us 2 days. So we finally drove back this Wednesday.

It took a little longer driving back because I was pulled over for speeding (76 mph in a 70 mph zone). We were 80 miles from Dallas at this point. So my nerves were shot and Ellie had just fallen asleep. Luckily she didn't wake up either. I did not get a ticket...I guess the officer could see how flustered I was by not being able to find my insurance card in my glove box. When they fixed my car they mixed everything up in my glove box while looking for my car manual. So I am guessing he felt sorry for me after I explained what had happened.

Oh also ask me about the bag hanging in the window (I was using it to block the sun from Ellie's face). We had picked up this bag at the Arkansas Welcome Center, they gave this to Ellie to put her stickers and maps in. Well the bag just so happened to have a Marijuana leaf on it. Arkansas evidently doesn't like Marijuana so they feel the need to put it on the bag. Of course I didn't even know that's what it was. So he sent me on my way luckily without searching my car!!!

Needless to say I was very HAPPY to finally to make it home!!


  1. they gave a toddler a bag with a marijuana leaf on it!? what in the world!? maybe they were high. ha ha just kidding. glad you made it home and safe, and thank God for police officers who understand a flustered mama :)

  2. Yes I know! What's up with Arkansas! Yes thank God for that sweet police officer. Well he was sweet to me at least. I noticed that he had already pulled someone over by the time I got back on the interstate!

  3. trust me.. i am SOOO glad you are back.. did you want to get together sat morning for afternoon??